While it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year, trend forecasters and designers are already thinking well into 2017 ­– and there’s a big shake up of interior trends predicted.
  Prepare for a bright year filled with cheery colors, mixed patterns and happy motifs — plus a few unexpected twists.
  Whether you're ready for a total renovation or simply want to add a splash of the newest "it" color to your bedroom, the new year is the perfect time to freshen up your home.
  If you’re renovating or building a new home, look out for the following trends to include, and those to avoid, for 2017.


  Green is “strong again”! From lime green to emerald, the hue works throughout the home—whether it’s as a wall color or a room-filling rug. 
Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017 Is Greenery
  Bright Green- This is the cheery shade of green you'll see in home decor, fashion and commercial design in 2017. Named the 2017 Pantone Color Of The Year, "Greenery" is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization — something we all could use in a complex social and political environment, according to Pantone.
  Dark Green- Dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior colour as we say goodbye to navy and midnight blues.

Marble and Brass Combinations
  Marble and brass will continue to dominate in 2017. We’re going to see this trend in both kitchens and baths. It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard, and a little bit glamorous with the brass.

  Marble will decorate your walls.  One of last spring's hottest design trends has made its way onto your walls.

Quirky Lighting

  Think of lighting as an accessory for your home—it’s the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibility. A quirky lighting fixture looks great in a dining room. It’s a great space to go for it and do something unusual. Also consider sprucing up your bedside lamps with something truly memorable.

  Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise. Texture is really important. We are seeing more and more texture in every form, from brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers. A quick way to test the trend: Drape a nubby wool throw over a leather chair or mix fabrics used for decorative pillows.

  It's all part of a larger macrotrend of comfort. We're all looking for this sense of comfort and having a place to rest in all the chaos and information we're constantly having come at us. You'll continue to see faux fur, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials into 2017.

Navy Is The New Black
  Whether you're looking to accent your room  or update your kitchen cabinets, navy blue will be the preferred alternative to black in 2017. A modern twist with a traditional feel, navy blue pairs well with practically any color scheme, and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small. 

  Warm materials such as terracotta tiles will replace currently popular cool and white tones.
Unlike in the 80s, they aren’t used as border tiles. Instead they will have a natural matte finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces.  

  I think that by avoiding terracotta tiles that are too rustic and keeping with a matte finish, this trend could add character and warmth to interiors again.


  Your goal should always be to create a home that feels curated, and an easy way to accomplish this is through pattern. We’ll see inventive geometrics that speak to ancient cultures, whether it is African or Asian patterns, but they’ll be modernized. Think simple lines, geometric designs, and triangles.
  Every year since 2000, the company has chosen a color that reflects the current cultural climate. In the following year, the color has historically influenced trends in all facets of design—architecture, interior décor, fashion, food, travel—the list goes on.
  For the past 16 years, Pantone has released a colour that embodies deeper societal trends, forecasting and influencing visual and design trends for the year ahead in homewares, fashion and industrial design to name a few.

  Where Rose Quartz and Serenity encouraged mindfulness, rest and well-being, this earthy hue symbolizes energy and new beginnings. As Pantone puts it:
  "Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature's greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate."
  Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. A constant on the periphery, Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront - it is an omnipresent hue around the world.
  To arrive at the decision, Pantone colour experts look for new influences in areas such as entertainment, new artist, fashion, design, popular travel destinations as well as lifestyle and socio-economic conditions. 
  Greenery signifies beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors during spring and summer.

  What is the PANTONE Color of the Year?

A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

  What spirit or emotion does this color convey? PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery is life affirming. Emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions this tangy yellow green shade speaks to our desire to express, explore, experiment and reinvent, imparting a sense of buoyancy. Through its reassuring, assertive vibrancy and vitality, PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery gives us the self-assurance and boldness to live life on our own terms, redefining what makes us successful and happy.
  Bringing forth a refreshing take, Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.
  Although mindfulness was indeed a key trend this year (such as adult colouring books and exercise) there’s also been undeniable political turmoil. Brexit and Donald Trump’s election have left Western society craving authenticity and a return to simplicity.
  We’ve seen the rise in appreciation for craftsmanship and recycling of natural resources within design disciplines. Take Adidas’s upcycled ocean plastic running shoes, the recycled paper “Eco Helmet” and brands choosing to return to retro logos as some examples. 

  But this can also take place in an organic sense – such as the popular green superfoods like kale, seaweed smashed avocado - which took over every hipster café menu for a while.

  Pantone further breaks down areas in which Greenery will be evident for 2017.

  As well as representing environmentalism and nature, Green has also been a bold colour used for digital start-up companies and iconography, giving the colour an entrepreneurial essence.

Home Décor and Architecture 
  Pot plants, herbs and spices, botanic-themed wallpaper and paint – bringing the outside, inside, is the theme for 2017.

  Plant life can reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem, give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement for looking after a living organism, or at the very least give you some fresh and tasty flavours to put in your meals.


  Pantone are forecasting Greenery to also be used in fashion – providing a pop of colour in accessories and shoes, or as a bold accent in pattern. It’s been seen in recent collections of Kenzo, Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley.

Graphic Design

  Used for packaging, Greenery represents freshness and youth – both attractive traits of any business.

  Nature’s neutral, PANTONE Greenery is a versatile “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. As displayed in the 10 palettes below, Greenery is paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics and even the enduring presence of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. These palettes easily cross over fashion, beauty, product and graphic design applications.

   Autumn or fall is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colors into your home decorations. The return of cooler temperatures, fall colors, and nature changing before our eyes is all the evidence we need that autumn is officially here.  Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you transition into the new season with excitement of the passing of the year. From the exterior to the interior of your home, fall decor colors can be rich and robust or subtle and subdued.
  The color authority releases a list of the colors during the week-long style summit that will define the upcoming season, and this year's batch, which includes six brand new Pantone colors, is so beautiful we're already craving autumn.

  According to the color authority, the ten-shade palette was inspired by a "desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism," and it includes several classic fall hues, such as mustard yellow, gray, and taupe.
  The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.
  Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the collections. Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades.

   Blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Grays give a feeling of stability, Red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot Pinkish Purples and Spicy Mustard Yellows suggest a touch of the exotic.


  • Cool and calming, strong and stable
  • Displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication
  • Borders on exciting, yet
  • Maintains a sense of constancy

Riverside is a cool blue hue selected by Pantone as a top color pick for fall 2016. 
  Pantone predicts that this cool, yet strong hue, will be one of the hottest shades come fall.   "This color says 'repose' and 'calmness.' It's not as serious as navy or as bright as cobalt," Eiseman told. “It has a practicality aspect that makes people feel as though it is just like pulling a pair of jeans from their closet. They are thinking of how many things they can wear this blue with.”
  Because of that “subtle vibrancy,” there are a lot of different possibilities for accent colors here. I toyed with the idea of pairing it with a hot pink or the darker rose color found in the florals in the mood board above. In the end, I thought a nice teal green color was the way to go!

2. Airy Blue

  • Designers seeking weightlessness in a world heavy with conflict
  • Blue tones appear in nearly half of the designs
  • Airy Blue nods to Serenity
  • Pair Airy Blue with Lush Meadow, Taupe or Dusty Cedar for fresh approach
  Airy Blue is similar to Serenity, one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016. We’re huge fans of using cool, tranquil hues like these to create calming spaces in our homes. Try pairing Airy Blue with Lush Meadow, Warm Taupe or Dusty Cedar for a fresh, layered look.

  In a time laden with political conflicts and economic uncertainty, Airy Blue offers designers a touch of airiness and weightlessness. Cam Newton and the rest of the Carolina Panthers aren’t the only ones who are partial to this skyline shade. Karl Lagerfeld showed glimpses of a blue sky at last month’s Chanel show in Paris. “Designers really like the serenity and versatility associated with Airy Blue and it can be worn throughout the year. It’s fall’s answer to a lighter blue.”
  Eiseman cites the "serenity and versatility" associated with this light shade as being instrumental in its popularity.

3. Sharkskin

  • Pair-able with almost any fall color, bright or muted
  • A color that the rest of the palette can literally and theoretically rest on
  • Showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens
  While gray is always a popular color choice in the chillier months, Sharkskin has an edge that makes it stand out from other neutrals. "As its name implies, it is meant to help people toughen up," Eiseman said.
  Sharkskin lends versatility and adaptability to the Pantone fall color palette. It’s “pair-able with almost any fall color, bright or muted,” Eiseman says, “a color that the rest of the palette can literally and theoretically rest on.”
 Sharkskin lends itself to a wide variety of applications, and plays well with just about any other color. We like it with the pink pop of Bodacious, or the sophisticated orange undertones of Potter’s Clay.

  It is similar to Lilac Gray in Pantone’s spring palette, but it trades Lilac’s hint of purple for a richer, darker tint. Sharkskin is crisp, clean and practical, a great reminder of why gray is heralded as the preferred neutral for interior design.

  An edgy stable color, it can be combined with any color scheme to add a contemporary update

4. Aurora red

  • A bold Red that is warm, sensual and immediately pleasing to the eye
  • Gets the metaphorical blood of the palette pumping
  • Exciting and dynamic, breeds unmistakable confidence
  Aurora Red is one of the more vibrant colors that will be popular in fall. Pantone describes it as being "warm, sensual, and immediately pleasing to the eye."
  Eiseman said, “This one really gets the adrenaline pumping. You used to only see Aurora Red in a store window, on a grommet for added accent or on a Web site homepage specifically for graphics,” but now designers are using it more in apparel to attract the consumers’ eye. Eiseman said, “If you don’t use some vibrant colors, you bore them.”

5.Warm Taupe
  • Suggests reassurance and stability
  • Trusted, organic and grounded
  • Departs slightly from the foundations of the Fall 2016 palette
  • Timeless  
  This earth neutral color will pair very well with the more vibrant colors. It is organic and grounded and will be forever timeless for  decorations and furniture .
  This trusty fall hue may be the most versatile of the fall colors, as it pairs well with every other shade on the list. And according to Pantone, it's "hearty, pleasing and approachable."

  Eiseman said it is so tactile that you want to reach out and touch it to get a feeling of warmth. 

6.Dusty Cedar

  • A fall and winter version of the Pinks we’re used to seeing in spring
  • Dustier rose-toned Pink shade with some complexity
  • Exudes warmth and welcome
  Dusty Cedar is a “dustier, rose-toned pink shade with some complexity,” says Eiseman. This captivating hue adds warm appeal to any space. It’s the color of the last autumn blooms.
  With rose undertones and seasonless appeal, Dusty Cedar nods to Pantone’s co-Color of the Year, Rose Quartz. A ruddier pink than most, this color has a complexity that makes it fitting for fall and winter. Men’s wear labels such as Thomas Pink have taken to it beyond neckties and sole stripes in shoes.
  The faded blush undertones compliment any fall palette and pair well with similarly calming colors like Airy Blue, Rose Quartz or neutral Sharkskin.

7. Lush Meadow
  • Rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated
  • This shade displays a brightness, panache and depth of color that elevates it from more natural greens
  • Elevates the overall elegance woven through this season’s collections
  This color screams elegance and elevates the more natural greens. It is bright, vibrant, and sophisticated.
  According to Pantone, this elegant shade "displays a brightness, panache and depth of color that elevates it from more natural greens."
  Effective on several fronts, first and foremost this Leaves of Grass green is meant to be transpondent in that wearers will feel as though they are bringing the outdoors indoors. Too much office time and not enough free time isn’t the only reason this vibrant green resonates.
   Evocative of botanicals and foliage, Lush Meadow speaks to fashion’s increased commitment to sustainability, organic cottons and acknowledgement of many shoppers’ green lifestyle, Eiseman said.

8.Spicy Mustard
  • Adds another splash of uplifting vibrancy
  • A spicier, zestier Yellow than previous seasons
  • Unexpected and unusual
  • Comes through in both the abstract and geometric accents that designers employed
  Spicy mustard is one of Pantone‘s Fall 2016 color picks. Pantone describes this color as adding a “splash of uplifting vibrancy” and that it’s “unexpected and unusual.” Although I wouldn’t call it “unusual,” I do think mustard yellow can go overlooked when people are considering a color palette for their next project. That’s a shame, because it’s actually a rather versatile and sophisticated shade!
  While Spicy Mustard may sound like a standard ballpark condiment, according to Pantone, it's actually an "exotic," "zesty," "uplifting" shade that's perfect for fall. 
  There are several possibilities here, but I love the idea of pairing spicy mustard with sage green and a few neutrals. The sage is muted enough so that only one color–yellow–makes a huge impact. This is important so that the color palette doesn’t get away from you and become overwhelming.

9.Potter’s Clay
  • Elements of russet Orange in its undertones, gives a grounded feeling that’s anything but flat
  • Neutral earth tone; expected for fall and winter palette
  • A shade with real substance; a strong foundation
  A deep orange that will add some rustic earth tones to your event. This color is  perfect for portraying a grounded feeling this fall and winter.
  Consumers have grown to expect this earthy shade, which has a real substance to it, adding a degree of sophistication and inherent layering, Eiseman said. “This seems akin to orange, but not a lollipop orange. Potter’s Clay is a lot more subtle, grounded and rooted,” she said.

10. Bodacious
  • Lends itself to vibrant color combinations
  • Unexpected in fall
  • Versatile; can be used with Pinks and Reds
  • Bright, rich Purple, with hints of a more sophisticated Pink
  • Turns fashion accents into fashion statements
  Bodacious will add vibrant color to any combination. It can be used with pinks and reds.
  No longer just used for piping on ski jackets or in argyle socks, this bold color is becoming more prevalent in apparel for women and men alike
  While this bold shade isn't typically associated with fall, it's actually quite versatile thanks to its combination of pink and purple, according to Pantone.
   “Bodacious gives designers the opportunity to play with color, ” Eiseman said. “It speaks to the gender fluidity we continue to see with designers’ use of color.”

  We hope that you enjoyed our color palette adventure brought to us by Pantone. :)

  One gardening trend predicted for next year is vivid colour: think vibrant gerbera planted in drifts rather than dotted around the beds. You can do the same with dianthus, an old-fashioned favourite with wonderfully fragrant flowers.

1. Coloring structures

  People want more color out of their structures which can be achieved by painting fences, arbors, and houses. Rather than white, brown or gray fences, we’ll see fences painted dark green or dark blue. This is a trend coming out of Europe. Black houses and fences are huge in Europe. In the U.S., people are painting their houses a darker color, like deep blues or navy blue as a foil for the garden. A house painted dark charcoal gray affects what a garden looks like. 

2. Succulents and Drought-Tolerant Plants
  Concerns regarding current drought conditions and increased mindfulness in relation to energy and water conservation have placed the phenomenon of xeriscaping at the forefront of 2016's gardening trends. 
  Xeriscaping is the practice of curtailing water reliance in gardens through mindful practices, such as selecting succulents and drought-tolerant plants in lieu of thirstier flora

Succulents and drought-tolerant plants are especially prevalent in xeriscaping. Succulents possess the innate capability to conserve water despite the exterior environment, and are thus lower maintenance than plants requiring constant hydration.

  One of the most essential facets of proper succulent care is the removal of accumulated dirt and grime. Tweezers or a brush can serve to siphon away unwanted dirt.

3. Turning Your Yard Into a Tropical Paradise

  Lush yards are in. The summer is an ideal time to transform your yard into a tropical oasis. Add some bold colors and an exotic flair to your outdoor space by decorating with tropical flowering plants like hibiscus, mandevilla, bougainvillea and majesty palms. Cluster them together in big groups for maximum visual impact. 

4. Plants in the Pantone Shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity
  Pantone’s colors of 2016 the pastel hues Rose Quartz and Serenity are expected to influence more than interior decor and fashion. A garden alight in pale blue and blush pink is slated to serve as stylistic inspiration in 2016.

  Blushing Knock Out Roses, tea roses, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, and Raspberry Sundae Peonies share the blush-pink hue of Rose Quartz, while periwinkles, bluestars, bellflowers, delphiniums, and plumbago possess the powder blue hue of Serenity. Endless Summer Hydrangeas encompass both hues, ranging in tone from rosy pink to muted blue.  

5. “Naturalistic” landscapes
  Fed up with back-breaking mulching, pain-staking trimming and never-ending lawn-mowing in the traditional “neat” landscape, people are turning to a more relaxed planting style that features densely planted and low-care shrubs, grasses, perennials and groundcovers. It  evokes nature.

  The style also features smaller lawns, a blend of native and low-care non-native plants, and beds planted in layers with plants arranged in intermingling colonies as opposed to neat rows.

6. Trendy Terrariums
  Terrariums are an excellent option for urban dwellers without access to outdoor space suited to plant cultivation. They provide a self-contained garden for novice botanists.   Transparent vessels are recommended for use in creating a terrarium, into which layers of gravel, agricultural charcoal, and potting soil are added before the plant is finally incorporated. With proper weekly cleanings, moderate sunlight, and consistent mistings of water, a terrarium can prosper indoors and lend tranquility to an abode. 

7. Indoor Gardening
  While outdoor plots are optimal for fostering flourishing flowers, indoor gardens are on the rise for 2016 in homes sans alfresco space. Attentive care is essential to the growth of plants, but prosperous windowsill gardens are possible with the assistance of adequate sunlight or a grow light. 

  Wooden pallets are used worldwide for shipping the products and goods we use every single day. Why not acquire one of these versatile wood products and recycle it into something useful that you and your family can enjoy for years to come? Pallets have recently been a hit, when it comes to innovation and recycling. Comfortable and durable furniture made of wood, you can make from new or used pallets that can get or buy at warehouses for very low prices:  Free! 

  From storing items, beds or coffee tables to window boxes, shoe cabinets or comfortable rockers, a wooden pallet is anything but waste timber. Since lots of companies are dependent on fiber from wood recycling, why not to try to gain all the benefits for your home? Perfect for a lounge area in the balcony or a lovely corner in the garden, wooden pallets can be combined, remodeled and fixed up in practical desks, chairs, bookcases, tables and beds.
  All you need is to decide which pieces of furniture you want, and to determine the appropriate dimensions. Pallets can be connected in different forms, you can add them wheels or legs, which you can attach with ordinary tools. For shelves, table or chair, it is necessary to cut the palette to the desired dimensions, and processing the same. Furniture from pallets can fit perfectly with the new, but refreshed and old furniture that you painted over. For one day, spending a little money, you will create interesting multifunctional piece of furniture and enjoy the creative work, and the result will be all to admire.

1. Build a Swimming Pool Out Of Pallets
  Summers have just been come and what you have decided to withstand those scorching summer days? Have you got the perfect solutions to avoid getting roasted by the hot sun? Have you planned something special to bear that sweltering afternoon summer time heats? Tend to raise the water-fun like to taking of outdoor showers, swimming in water pools and a also playing with those garden sprinklers by making some DIY setups and these all ideas will really rock to keep your bodies no-sweat and cool!

  That is pallet swimming pool project out of 40 Pallets for your own garden or backyard swimming pool while having not too much in your wallet to spend! 40 pallets and a water pump and the tarp will be the main supply items for entire pool installation and you can get the perfect wood reconditioning and cutting apparatus and also the latest perfect hardware for an all lasting fittings and overall assembly of pool parts! 

  What do you Need:

  • Pallet Boards 
  • Gaffa/Duct Tape Pool Liner
  • Plywood
  • Steel Cable
  • Metal Plates to Stabilize the Corners
  • Plastic Pipes for Water Transfer
  • Coach Bolts with Nuts
  • Steel Screws
  • Nails
  • Sanding Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Metal Brackets

2. Pallets Garden Party Lounge
  Family or friends parties are a big reason to forget about the sad aspects of life and just to enjoy the time with great fun! DIY can really help you to organize your spaces for such a family celebrations, beverage parties and also to enjoy the poolside in your very spare time! Here going handmade with whole pallet boards is resulting into this party lounge!
This entire party lounge looks damn gorgeous and lasting forever, it is all a creative pallet story and an achievement which would really make the outdoor lovers a big fan of pallets for sure!

What do you Need:
  • 20 pallets included for wooden floor installation having dimensions 100 x 120 cm
  • 3 pallets of 100 x 120 cm size have been selected for coffee table construction
  • 12 pallets of 80 x 100cm size for L-shape or sectional sofa set
  • 8 pallets of 100 x 120 cm for installation of high fence wall
  • Some mini pallet planks for lower fence or for decorative edging
  • Terrace dimensions would be 4 x 6 meters

3.Outdoor Pallet Flooring or Deck
  It is very easy to collect a larger supply of pallets, so why not use them for home deck and garden flooring! It would be best ever idea to give countryside feel to your garden and patios! Pallet flooring can be done in multiple ways and with multiple patterns! Here is an inspiration of this outdoor pallet flooring to make it explained better to you! Put the sturdy ones pallet boards on the floor of your targeted area or place, align them perfectly and then give a fine complete look them by using one more layer of removed pallets on them!
  You can go for a chevron, double chevron, diamond burst, diagonal stripe or herringbone pattern to make your flooring visually attractive! This inspiration can really help someone to improve his garden, one can build the sophisticated garden walkways and decorative garden edging using this clever idea! Get a big pile of separated pallet planks and manage a big stock of pallets to go for it! Also go for interior wall paneling, to install background headboard walls and interior accent wall with pallets!

4. Pallet Terrace Furniture Set
  There are several different ways to make bigger improvements to your space using pallets! Construction of reliable furniture out of pallets has just attracted the attention of people all around the globe and it is going through trends! What type of furniture you can construct with pallets? There is no specific answer for this question as you can build almost all furniture essentials that come in routine with pallets with so ease as well!
  Want to know about some basic pallet furniture ideas, then this DIY pallet terrace or balcony sitting furniture set is a most according and perfect example to make your well understand! You will not expect more after installing this DIY pallet furniture set to you patio, garden or to any paved outdoor as the lasting sturdiness, modern chic design and zero cost price, are the three main features that are sure to not let your go anywhere else!
  This set contains two chairs, a grand 5 seater and a coffee table for food and beverage serving purposes!

5. Pallet Garden Fence
  There are number of functional and practical things to do with pallets and areas with extra brilliant and genius and inhabitants are just doing too much amazing with pallets! It is always difficult to build a garden of your own choice but it becomes more difficult to keep your garden safe and secured from unexpected animal and home pet entries, in case of herb or vegetable gardens, they really need to be blocked off! Checkout this DIY pallet fencing project and fence your herb and newly built vegetable gardens also using the same rustic pallets that always in sitting around you!
  By giving more serviceable width to this fencing project, one can really go for numerous different exterior home improvements! Just pick up those thrown away pallet and recycle them to give a 2nd more life to them! Just get pallets and then dismantle them apart into individual wooden lengths and then by cutting them down to according sizes one can really go for this amazing no-cost fencing project!

  Do you have trouble sleeping in summer
  Do you feel all hot and uncomfortable
  I sure do! Your needs for your home change greatly depending on the time of year. In the summer, we need cozy spaces with blankets and layers and plushness to combat the winter chill. And of course in the summer, we need the reverse. Crisp linens, gentle breezes, and breathable fabrics are so important in helping you get a good nights rest.

Best Sheets for Summer
  Well, the type of bed sheet or linen that you already have may be retaining heat and may be making you feel hotter than the already hot summer weather. Do you actually know that if you pick the right bed sheet material, you can feel and sleep better as you won’t overheat whilst sleeping in summer?
  A main reason for not sleep properly is overheated.
  If this sounds like you, there it’s time you make a smarter choice and opt for some cool bedding, cooling sheets and summer bedding sets.
  Buy investing in cool sheets for summer, you will inevitably cut costs by refraining to use your air conditioner and opening your windows that invites mosquitoes in. Having bed sheets that stay cool would definitely keep you away from that stinky feeling caused by the warm weather and your clingy sheets. Cooling bed sheets mean a more comfortable sleep.
   First things first, focus on breathable fabrics that won’t suffocate you when the heat and humidity hit. We love classic, 100% cotton percale sheets, especially during the summer.

1. Linen Sheets
  Other cool sheets for summer to watch out for are linen sheets. If you’re looking for sheets that you can make use anytime regardless of the weather then linen sheets are a good purchase.
  Linen is excellent in summer because they remain cool, crisp and dry. Keeping dry is extra important as we tend to perspire more in summer.
  They are easy to care and clean as they are machine washable.

2. Silk or Satin Sheets
  If you want a luxurious comfort then silk or satin sheets should be on your list. Initially I thought these were expensive, but when I looked into them further, they aren’t that bad after all, plus you can’t beat the feeling of sleeping on such a luxurious bed sheet.
  Using silk or satin bedding comes with some great features. Firstly, these sheets can adapt to both warm and cool weather – so that’s good value for money. Yes, you heard me right, silk sheets remain cool in summer which makes them an excellent summer bed sheet and vice versa –a self-adjusting fabric, indeed!
  Secondly, they are one of the strongest natural made fibers.

  Washing may require extra care but the material doesn’t shrink and has been proven to retain its condition after years and years of use. This type of cooling bed sheet is hypoallergenic – the best choice especially for those who suffer from asthma, plus, they are excellent for dust mites also.

3. Bamboo Sheets

  Another type of sheet that you can consider for warmer months are bamboo sheets. Although they can be a teeny bit more expensive compared to the other cotton sheets , bamboo sheets do come with extra-good benefits, one being they are 100% natural.
  Sleeping on bamboo sheets allows the air to circulate freely, hence why it has more of a cooling effect on the body, which is what we especially need from our bedding when the whether gets warmer.
  As all of us perspire in summer whilst we sleep, bamboo bedding is more absorbent and is one of the most ideal bed linen fabrics to sleep on during a warm night.
Moreover,  bamboo sheets have anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, unlike some other bedding materials. They are also soft and pleasant to sleep on.

  Do bamboo sheets require special care? No, you have nothing to worry about – they are machine washable just like cotton sheets.

4. Cotton Sheets
  Most of us complain about our sheets sticking to our skin most especially if it’s warm. With a bed sheet made of cotton, ‘stickiness’ isn’t problem. Cotton sheets are soft, breathable and have absorbent features that can keep you away from such a fuss. Moreover, they are low maintenance, let your washing machine do your dirty work as cotton sheets are strong, durable and easy to wash. Tip: Make sure you opt for 100% cotton sheets!
  And their breathable feature ensures that your sheets don’t start getting too dirty or smelly immediately compared to other synthetics, so generally you can use cotton sheets a bit longer than usual, saving you the time, water and energy.

  With their high-class performance, a sheet made of cotton isn’t too expensive compared to other fabrics that cost too much but offer less. I’d say it’s a wise buy, especially in summer, as you don’t have to spend a lot on pricey linens just to get the comfort that you want. With these stay cool sheets, sleeping in a warm room isn’t that bad afterall.

“Various wedding trends come and go but colour palettes never really seem to change or evolve. Our creative team wanted to present a new and exciting range of colours for spring and summer weddings, showcasing a vibrant, modern and on-trend palette alternative to the soft feminine themes that tend to dominate the wedding industry.”

   1. Rose Quartz
  This muted blush shade can act as its own neutral when paired with bigger, bolder colors like fig or emerald. Or opt for a monochromatic look with shades of pinks. Want to add a little glam? Pair with a metallic like copper or rose gold for a combo that sparkles. If your partner isn’t jazzed about pink, give rose quartz its own moment during cocktail hour with a rosé champagne signature sip.
  Pink is a classic color used in wedding decorations and the first trending wedding color in 2016 is Rose Quartz, which is a shade of pink color. “The soothing, calming nature of colors in the Spring collections are led by Rose Quartz, a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure”, by Pantone.

   2. Serenity
  This shade of light blue color will make every part of the wedding day so comfortable, just like the blue sky above us, making it a pastel color palette with peach.
  Take a cue from the name—dusty blues and greys make for one calming wedding palette. Instead of accenting this combo with a metallic, consider adding a pattern or a texture like marble into the mix. Looking for a pop of color? Try adding leafy greens to your centerpieces and bouquets—they’re a great natural contrast. Or for more of a color statement, let serenity pop against ruby red or another rich jewel tone.
 Weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity comforts with a calming effect, bringing a feeling of respite even in turbulent times. A transcendent blue, Serenity provides us with a naturally connected sense of space.

    3. Buttercup

  If you’re looking for fun & cheerful colour for your wedding theme consider buttercup 1 in top 10 pantone Spring 2016 for your wedding theme. Buttercup is all about sunlight, happiness , cheer and perfect for setting the mood for a joyous occasion.
  Buttercup is a darker shades of yellow. It is an uplifting color, but it can also be a little overpowering so the key to successfully creating your buttercup wedding theme is to have just the right amount of yellow. Too much of this colour and it becomes too visually stimulating. Make sure to combine your buttercup yellow decorations with some other colors, for spring preferably ones that are a little more muted like white and green,white makes it more elegant green makes a fresh and while yellow adds a bit of fun.
  “While the majority of the Spring/Summer palette trends toward calmness, a few diversions from the theme emerge that offer a contrast. With Buttercup designers reveal a shining beacon transporting its wearer to a happier, sunnier place”, said by Pantone. I added some purple to make them a perfect match.

4. Lilac Grey
  Who doesn’t like grays? We need a gray shade in every season and here’s the Lilac Gray.
 You may be thinking, “Gray, Really?!” Gray is a mid tone neutral, which means that it is very easy to use in combination with one or more colours, and it is not as dark and bold as espresso or navy. But when you add a bright colour such as purple or yellow or even pink it makes for a very elegant and gorgeous wedding. I think this lilac gray would make a fantastic palette when combi with shades of soft purple. Once you start to think about it, you can see why gray is becoming more and more popular for weddings.
  When talking about Lilac Grey, women think of perfectionism. This color says that everything is subordinated to elegance. This shade gives a noble touch to any event and it’s reminiscent of aristocrats’ balls. From invitations to table arrangement, everything will speak sophistication.
  To use lilac gray in a Spring wedding, think about layering it into the fabrics, such as bridesmaid dresses and tablecloths. A dove gray or pewter color makes a very chic and minimalist choice for your attendants. Soften the austerity of gray by choosing a dress in a soft fabric like chiffon or organza. If you want to add a splash of colour by the bridesmaids’ faces, a great way to do this is by giving them bridesmaid jewelry in a colour like red or lime green. Alternatively, you could keep the colour palette very restrained, and have each bridesmaid wear jewelry in clear crystals. This could be very elegant for an evening wedding.

   5. Iced Coffee

  Here’s another neutral color scheme for the year 2016 and Iced Coffee can work well with almost every color. Combine this color with green to make it oh-so-natural.
  Iced Coffee is the perfect wedding color for a glamorous bride. Everything in your event needs to shine and this shade will beautifully frame your wedding. You can add small details to your wedding dress, or choose a bouquet of painted roses. In both cases, the idea is to glow!
  With its natural earthy quality, the softness and subtlety of Iced Coffee creates a stable foundation when combined with the rest of this season’s palette.
  Neutral may not be the first colour that springs to mind for weddings, but it turns out that it is an incredibly versatile color which can be used for all styles of celebrations, neutral will always add a touch of sophisticated elegance to a wedding.
  Iced coffee alone tends to lack punch, so it is often used in combination with an accent color. The colour pairing is how you will really be able to set a tone and create an ambiance for your wedding. Depending on the complementary colour which you select. If you wish to add another colour to your palette, try mixing in touches of mint for a little more cool. This will create fresh and flirty, modern and edgy. All these colours work beautifully for the centerpieces and bouquets, and will also look great for all the reception details.

 6. Peach Eco
  The fashion and design communities, and consequently, consumers, have been in love with orange for several seasons. Coming to the fore this Spring is PANTONE 16-1548, Peach Echo, a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. It is an all-encompassing, tempered companion in the playful orange family.
  Peach is a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. It will show charm and elegance and allow light to diffuse irritations angry energies. Peach promotes a feeling of calm, comfort! Great for dining or wedding party.
  If your wedding takes place in the middle of summer, no shade is more appropriate than Peach Echo. From cocktails with fresh juices, instead of the classic champagne, to bridesmaids dresses, perfectly coordinated with the specific summer tan. Peach Echo talks about pleasure and spontaneity.
  With such a romantic wedding color palette, aim for equally pretty and romantic decorations. An arbor draped with sheer blush tulle and twined with lush apricot and peach roses would be a spectacular altar decoration for the wedding ceremony.
Layer napkins in peach or grey for a contrast. Another option would be to use creamy tablecloths and decorate slipcovered chairs with peach sashes for a pop of color. That is an easy way to bring your wedding colors into the reception space without having to rent a lot of custom linens.

7. Snorkel Blue

  Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. Such a great shade of blue to be my wedding theme color.
  “A maritime -inspired blue, Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. The name alone implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape. It is striking yet still, with lots of activity bursting from its undertones.”, by Pantone. Adding some chocolate brown or other neutral colors if you’re planning a chic rustic wedding theme.
Snorkel Blue is synonymous with luxury. Choose this wedding color for various details, such as table decorations or wedding dress accessories, and you’ll feel sumptuous. I’m sure that your future husband will also love this shade!
  Your wedding invitation is your first chance to set the tone for your event. The style that you choose will give your guests a sneak peek into what your wedding will be like, especially if you have a special theme. One of the best ways to personalize your wedding invitations is with a snorkel blue.

  8. Limpet Shell
  As a shade of aqua, this Limpet Shell can tell us what’s it like in spring.”Suggestive of clarity and freshness, its crisp and modern influences evoke a deliberate, mindful tranquility”, by Pantone.
  We think this limpet shell is a wonderful colour choice to use for beach wedding in Spring and Summer. The bright carefree hue is perfect for the lazy days of summer. You could combi limpet shell with pink or yellow that would make a fabulous wedding.
  There are many ways to work with this cheerful colour palette. For instance, you could have a candy station featuring clear glass jars filled with sweets in your signature colors. The wedding cake is definitely a place to showcase your wedding colours as well.
  Turquoise table linens are a fantastic option for the wedding reception. Top them white yellow blossoms in white vases as the centerpieces, and you will have a very special look. White chiavari or wooden folding chairs will provide a visual break from all of the bright colour. It would be delightful to decorate the back of the bride and groom’s chairs with a garland of turquoise paper pom poms. Larger versions of the paper decorations can be suspended over the dessert table or the guest book table for a fun effect. They are an easy DIY project, especially when you are only using them in a limited area and do not need a huge number of pom poms. The cheerful spirit of turquoise is sure to put all of your guests in a celebratory frame of mind!

  9. Fiesta

  The high energy, Fiesta is a harbinger of excitement, encouraging free-spirited exploration to unknown but welcoming locales. A strong and fiery, yellow-based Red, the vivid Fiesta provides a stark contrast to the calming, softer nature of this season’s palette
  A bold colour, fiesta is a fresh and upbeat hue to include in a spring or summer wedding.  A great place to begin with your wedding colour is the bridesmaid dresses. Along with the flowers, they will be one of the areas in the wedding in which you can make the biggest splash with colour. Fiesta looks great on many different skin tones, and definitely flatters a warm summer complexion. It is a much more forgiving shade on most women than true orange, so your bridesmaids will thank you for that. Being a summery colour, fiesta looks especially nice in lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, lace, and polished cotton.
  A tea length coral bridesmaid dress in a fluttery chiffon or organza would suit virtually any style of warm weather wedding. To keep the effect modern, opt for bridesmaid jewelry and accessories in a complementary colour which provides some contrast, rather than an exact match. Gold strappy sandals, for instance, are much more chic than dyed-to-match coral pumps, and crystal bridesmaid jewelry in black would provide just the right amount of contrast to the emphasis fiesta hue. For modern looks,the bride could wear bright lip and fiesta nail polish.

   10. Green Flash
  This Green Flash hue is infrequent as a main wedding color but really brilliant with navy blue, isn’t it?
  Green Flash calls on its wearer to explore, push the envelope and escape the mundane, radiating an openness that combines with the rest of the palette in unexpected but serendipitous ways. The popularity of this brilliant hue is representative of nature’s persistent influence even in urban environments, a trend continuing to inspire designers.
If you are planning to go green on your wedding day Green Flash could be the perfect choice. Green Flash is a soft green with bright tone. It happens to be one of the most universally flattering colours out there, which makes it a great choice for your bridesmaids. Green Flash looks absolutely beautiful, whether it is done in organza,chiffon or satin.
  If your dream is to have an outdoor wedding, Green Flash is a shade that should prevail.     From décor to bridesmaid’s dresses, this color brings balance and creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  The bride can also use a hint of green in her ensemble. One of the nicest ways to use the colour is as a sash around the waist of her wedding gown. It is a nice soft color to use against white or ivory, that won’t make too strong a contrast in black and white photographs. If you prefer to stick with an all white gown, then a silk chiffon sage sash would be perfect.
You will naturally want your bridesmaids to have the perfect finishing touches for their dresses. If you like everything to really match, of course you can choose shoes, wraps, and bags in the same color as the dresses, but there are other great options. Green Flash combines particularly well with white, silver, pewter, or gray. Silver evening sandals would look great with a green bridesmaid dress, and would be a shoe that your attendants could very easily wear again. When you are looking for the jewelry gifts for each bridesmaid, keep that same idea in mind. Bridesmaid jewelry gifts that are handcrafted of gray pearls would be gorgeous with a green dress.

  Colours this season transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette. For Spring 2016 there are truly no perceivable distinctions in colour choices between the men’s and women’s collections, both of which focus on a desire to breathe and reflect, then play.